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Total Records: 109   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next
CNW:Health Care Insurance CNW First Grade
CN:First Grade
CN:Second Grade
CN:RACT Greater Northern Cup
CN:Telstra T20 Cup
CNW:RACT Greater Northern Cup
CT:Statewide Twenty20 Competition
CN:Cricket North Female Competition
CNW:Crowe Horwath CNW Female Competition
CN:Under 15 Division 1
CN:Third Grade
CN:Under 13 Division 1
CN:Under 15 Division 2
CN:Fourth Grade
CN:Under 13 Division 2
CNW:Kookaburra Female Greater Northern Cup
CN:Kookaburra Female Greater Northern Cup
1 Irwin, Jordon000000000000011000
2 Kharwadkar, Nikhil N04001000000000000
3 Costelloe, Aydan J00001000000000000
4 Sundra, Ramesh014005010000000000
5 Shipp, Matthew E00100000000000000
6 Fitzgerald, Kenneth W00200000001000000
7 Artis, Rob00100000001000000
8 Saunders, Alex G013005010000000000
9 Garwood, Thomas W013005010000000000
10 Garwood, Nicholas C08203010000000000
11 Wood, Oliver011005010000000000
12 Partridge, Joshua011000000002000000
13 New, Peter014004010000000000
14 Richardson, Luke A00100000000000000
15 Woolcock, Ruben03204010007000000
16 Clarke, Cameron001200000000000000
17 Kidd, Ben S00000000070019000
18 Dusautoy, Isaac000000000000120000
19 Dusautoy, Nicola000000011000001000
20 Summers, Hudson00000000000080000
21 Manix-Geeves, Jack00000000074008000
22 Walker, Eden000000000000014000
23 Hunt, Max06301000005000000
24 Hunt, Jack01100000000000000
25 Hunt, Bailey09103010000000000
26 Latham, Sam00000000010030000
27 Latham, Nick D001202000002000000
28 Dusautoy, Jarrod0000000005001114000
29 King, Curtis00300000008003000
30 Shipp, Jordan000000000001110000
31 Shipp, Ryan00000000050020000
32 Sather, Cade000000000001000000
33 Flint, Wil00000000000900000
34 Nunn, Emily00000003000000000
35 Manix-Geeves, Emma00501001000000000
36 Barnett, Phoebe A000000010000000000
37 Hardman, Jack000000000010012000
38 Hill, Matt00000000000001000
39 Gilpin, Jacob00000000009001000
40 Simpson, Ben003000000011001000
41 Scott, Solomon011105010000000000
42 Midson, Jacob001200000001000000
43 Midson, Luke03903000000000000
44 Gregson, Ryan00200000009002000
45 Homan, Jesse07200000001000000
46 Dillon, Jayde001000000000014000
47 Mathew, Ben001000000000013000
48 Parkin, Sophie000000011000002000
49 McKenzie, Neil000000000001000000
50 Wheeler, Jacob000000000001000000
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Total Records: 109   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next
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