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Batting Partnerships

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166 Cameron Clarke - Jacob Midson Riverside Cricket ClubSecond Grade6 1 Launceston
278 Michael Lidsey - Oliver Wood Riverside Cricket ClubFirst Grade4 1 South Launceston
3130 Oliver Wood - Bailey Hunt Riverside Cricket ClubTelstra T20 Cup5 1 Westbury
494 Cooper Anthes - Jack Manix-Geeves Riverside Cricket ClubUnder 15 Division 11 1 Westbury
561 Matthew Owens - James Simpson Riverside Cricket ClubSecond Grade14 1 Mowbray
653 Joshua Partridge - Max Hunt Riverside Cricket ClubSecond Grade6 1 Launceston
739 Max Hunt - Jack Colgrave Riverside Cricket ClubSecond Grade6 1 Launceston
835 Jack Colgrave - Isaac Hyatt Riverside Cricket ClubThird Grade15 1 Westbury
931 Peter New - Jesse Homan Riverside Cricket ClubFirst Grade14 1 South Launceston
1037 Luke Richardson - Jordon Partridge Riverside Cricket ClubSecond Grade13 1 South Launceston

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